About Eat

To keep it varied and morphing all the time, we stick to the basics and create on top of that. 
As Chefs we are influenced by our environment, this magnificently designed Manor taking its influences from many countries, paying close attention and homage to our many African influences, and of course our beautiful country and the rainbow melting pot of influences and flavours that it offers and we will grow the menu and what we offer here at The Manor continuously.

Our passion is simple and fresh, putting food on a plate not just decoration, we love the whole farm to table concept, and as the Australian Farm to Table pioneer Lulu Peyrands said
‘’Dedicated to the belief that the meaning of Life lies in love, and friendship and these qualities are best expressed at the table” is a belief we share, there is no greater place to forge, re-establish, regain, re-iterate, ground, reconnect with family and friends than around a table breaking bread together, that old saying, those that eat together, will stay together is always in the background as we were both raised on this premise, and it is true.
Creating food and the joy of feeding people is about love, it is an expression and extension of that, that is where the passion must stem from.
We are grateful and Blessed
Thank you
Chef Tamalyn and Chef Wendy

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