About Inzolo

INZOLO means Quiet Place and that is exactly what it offers you.

Suzi promotes exclusivity and has created a serene, quiet, calm, therapeutic environment that promotes well-being.
Part of what Suzi has created & promotes in the SPA is the importance of Fragrance and what it can do for the individual, promoting relaxation and health.

The Ladies Of Inzolo Spa

A little more about the Team
Suzi Burger 
our Spa Manager and Dermalogica Consultant and Expert is a qualified and trained therapist and has been for the past 20 years, she brings with her, her vast knowledge not only in Dermalogica product but in many areas of beauty therapy, she will consult with you tailoring your product purchase and/or facial to your skin type. 

Suzi is also a trained massage & sports massage therapist.

The two junior therapists, Nandi & Leesa, Suzi has expertly trained herself and does so on a continual basis to ensure their growth not only in product knowledge but also in experience so that they continue to grow as therapists.

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